Hardening machine FLEX 4.0

With our FLEX 4.0 large crankshaft machine, we think BIG. Maximum flexibility and stability form the basis for all hardening applications for large crankshaft types and variants from 1.5 m. Cycle time and investment requirements can be optimally coordinated. The modular structure of the machine makes it adaptable to changing requirements at a later date, thus increasing flexibility.

hardening machine truck crankshaft flex 4.0 open alfing kessler mafa

Key Facts

  • Automatic and manual loading possible
  • Crankshafts from 1.5 m to 4.5 m in length, component weight up to 3 t
  • Integrated in serial operation 24/7 in our Large division
  • Direct process visualisation during hardening
  • Easy incorporation into customer production lines. The modules are compact.

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