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The Hardening Machines division has been developing and producing induction hardening machines for a wide variety of components, which are used both by our customers around the world and in our business areas, since 1952. To date, a large number of hardening machines have been supplied and installed in numerous production lines for automotive, truck, bus and agricultural applications. Our customers appreciate our high level of competence and reliability. We offer the right hardening machines and hardening processes for a wide range of applications. We analyse customer requests and special requirements and implement them to ensure maximum satisfaction. Customised machine developments, laboratory tests and test hardening on our own laboratory machines are further components of our product portfolio.

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Induction hardening


Induction hardening is a special form of heat treatment in which metal workpieces are hardened by partial heating and subsequent quenching. 
The basic principle of induction hardening follows the physical law of electromagnetic induction.
The heat treatment process can easily be integrated into a production line.

We have been successfully building induction hardening machines based on this principle, which are used worldwide by our customers and in our Automotive and Large divisions, since 1952.