Get to know Micaela and her experience

Micaela, you completed your apprenticeship as a cutting machine operator in 2002. What are your memories of that time and do you think that a lot has changed since then?

I have consistently positive memories of my apprenticeship period - I took a lot of knowledge with me, I would never want to miss the time! Certainly today's training can no longer be compared to mine - if only because of the larger spectrum of possible professions. Nevertheless, the positive points (besides the qualified training) have apparently remained the same: the annual excursions, the seminars, the weekly swimming lesson - all things that weld the apprenticeship year together and ensure a positive mood.


After your apprenticeship, you decided to study mechanical engineering. What were your reasons for doing this?

A year before my apprenticeship, I already completed my apprenticeship in production. The work was doable, the salary right after school was very worthwhile and the colleagues were great. However, I didn't want to do this work for the rest of my life. The subsidised course was new at Maschinenfabrik ALFING Kessler GmbH and mechanical engineering is a production-related course of study that leaves many options open to you once you have completed your degree.


It's been more than ten years since you graduated as an engineer. Were your expectations of your professional future at MAFA met at the time?

This question is not easy to answer, because my expectations at the time were different than the current ones. I never felt like there were obstacles in my way or that I was being slowed down.


The compatibility of family and career is often discussed. What is your experience with this?

Unfortunately, regular kindergartens often do not have employer-friendly opening times. I'm glad this wasn't an issue for me. Other women have the problem that the man (professionally) cannot take on tasks with time. My husband works in layers, which is why we faced this problem at the time. Thanks to the possibility of sliding, we can alternate mornings and afternoons.


What advice would you like to give to young colleagues, especially young female colleagues?

A colleague with many years of professional experience once said to me: In every company there are things that are not working and things that are good. Maschinenfabrik ALFING Kessler GmbH is one of the good companies in the region.