Bachelor of Engineering, Industrial Engineering


Due to their interdisciplinary qualifications, industrial engineers are trained to think in two directions at the same time - both technical and commercial. Therefore, activities in the following areas are possible: Logistics, sales and marketing, purchasing, quality management, project planning and management, production and manufacturing.


Practical training

The dual degree in industrial engineering is more varied than almost any other. It combines the economic and legal content of a business administration degree with the technical and scientific content of the engineering degree.

During the course, students have the opportunity to combine different subjects. Right from the beginning, you will work in the company parallel to your studies - the advantage is obvious: The interlinking of theory and practice gives the student comprehensive and in-depth insights. In addition, the graduate is already firmly anchored in the working world.


Theoretical training

The theoretical lessons take place at Cooperative State University in Heidenheim .


Duration of apprenticeship

The apprenticeship lasts six semesters.