Process mechanics apprenticeship (m/w/d)


  • Forming according to forging criteria with forging dies and stroke-by-stroke devices. (Links to the technologies are stored here.)
  • Operating and monitoring of forging hammers, forging presses and production plants.
  • Assembling tools and installing dies.
  • Monitoring and controlling the production processes, creating test plans and complying with the test specifications, carrying out quality assurance measures.

Practical training

  • Basic metal training in our training center.
  • Specialist training in the forge.
  • Preparing, operating and monitoring the forging processes and the furnace systems.
  • Basic training in CNC technology, pneumatics, hydraulics and electropneumatics.

Theoretical training

After several weeks of practical training, two weeks of block instruction follow at the technical school in Aalen. Technical mathematics, technology and work planning on projects are taught in the subject "Metal Career Technology".


Duration of apprenticeship

The apprenticeship generally lasts 3.5 years. If you perform well, the apprenticeship period can be reduced to three years.