Rotationally symmetrical parts

As a certified company with experienced employees and modern machinery, we are able to make even the most demanding project a success. Convince yourself of our flexibility when it comes to a wide variety of rotationally symmetrical components. We are at your side with our knowledge. In addition to piston and screw compressors and pump shafts, we manufacture many other components according to customer requirements. We would be happy to support you with our manufacturing expertise right from the construction stage in order to obtain a cost-optimized and high-quality design.

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piston compressor crankshaft afling kessler mafa

Piston compressor and pump shafts

Piston compressors and pumps have become essential in a large number of applications. These are often essential in the gas and oil industry, chemical industry, marine sector or mining. We supply these special shafts for numerous applications. Thanks to our experience in forging and machining, we support you in the conception of a flexible, robust and cost-effective design.

screw compressor shaft skuel afling kessler mafa

Screw compressor and pump shafts

Screw compressors or screw pumps are real endurance runners. These are often used in industry, trade, mining or the marine sector. In addition to the required precision in processing, we also bring the expertise for heat treatment with us.

turbine shaft afling kessler mafa

Turbine shafts

Whether steam turbines or stationary gas turbines, we manufacture these high-precision shafts up to a length of 8 m and a finished part weight of 13 t on our large machining centers and grinding machines according to customer requirements.

extruder screws afling kessler mafa

Extruder screws

We process extruder worm shafts up to a length of 8 m on our machines. The extruder worms we produce are used in the plastics industry and in many other applications.

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